Ref: Wheel Instrumentation System

Radmesstechnik für DMS und Temperatur Erfassung

  • Wheel precision instrumentation package
  • For passenger cars / light vehicles / trucks and agricultural vehicles
  • Solution to collect measurement signals like strain gages, thermocouples or accelerometers
  • Signal transmission by slip ring 4, 6, 10, 20 or 36 circuits
  • Quick setup
  • waterproof and rugged design - for on-road of off-road driving
  • Optional encoder - Resolution: up to 1024 ppt
  • Military-grade connectors on stator and rotor
  • Light and compact
  • Applications: speed test, vehicle brake test, torque measurement, performance measurement

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WIS is a modular system that is easy to implement for spinning measurement signals acquisition . The system is mounted directly on the original vehicle wheel of the vehicle (passenger vehicle, utility vehicle, heavy goods vehicle, agricultural vehicle) and makes it possible to collect up to 30 measurements simultaneously, while driving on track or off-road.

In addition, the system can be fitted with a high resolution angular encoder (up to 1024 ppr), for high precision position, speed, acceleration or distance measurement. The signal transmission is purely analog (low resistance slip ring transmission), making use very simple. The connection is made by connectors used in aeronautics, and supporting significant vibratory stresses. The slip ring is specially designed for the transmission of low-voltages signals, like thermocouple or strain gages, so that no further pre-amplifier stage is needed.


The system mounts directly to the original wheel of the vehicle (passenger vehicle, utility vehicle, heavy vehicle, agricultural vehicle) through a plate, and collect lug nuts machined specifically for the vehicle. The system is completely waterproof, and works even in mud and snow.

In addition, the WIS system can be used on electric vehicles, including with the motor directly at the wheel.

The output signal is analog (gauge, thermocouple, voltage, ICP). Conditioners are available as an option, as well as on-board acquisition systems.

Encoder Signal


WIS applications include:

  • braking tests (temperature, distance, torque, efficiency)
  • acceleration measurement
  • torque measurement at the wheel
  • vibration measurement
  • ABS calibration
  • grip measurement - detection of aquaplanning
  • GPS readings
Connecteur standard
Anzahl an Bahnen
0, 10, 20, 36
-40 zu 100 °C
  • Encoder
  • amplifier for strain gages, thermocouples
  • stator cable
  • Mounting components

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